Shaping informed, evidence-based decision-making that protects and impacts the world of work of players.

Mission Statement

FIFPRO Player IQ Hub is a player-focused knowledge centre that aims to help shape decisions in the football industry to protect and improve the careers and the world of work of footballers. Based on scientific research, data and collaboration with industry stakeholders, Player IQ Hub seeks to contribute to the future development of the game.


Player IQ Hub frames policy insights, research and data-driven solutions on the rights and conditions of professional players worldwide. The ambition of Player IQ Hub is to provide player unions, football stakeholders, public institutions and interested parties with evidence-based information on the workforce priorities of players to shape the sustainable future of the game.

It is a unique resource for industry decision-makers who need to consider the vital role of players in their working environments. Furthermore, it provides forward-looking and player-centric perspectives to make informed decisions on the sustainable governance of football, helping to mitigate upcoming challenges and identifying opportunities for players.


Player-Centric Purpose

  • Research: Provide access to scientific and evidence based FIFPRO research and insights as they relate to the world of work of players.
  • Data Driven Solutions: Address industry priorities for players through data-based and analytical solutions.
  • Collaboration: Build cooperation with and between relevant partners that drive a sustainable football industry.
  • Insights: Provide thought leadership on systemic trends as they shape the working environment and rights of players and provide additional resources to FIFPRO research.