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About our RESEARCH

29 April 2021
FIFPRO continuously publishes scientific, evidence-based reports on a wide range of player-centric workforce priorities within the context of the football industry and the world of work of players.

“The industry and its regulations, rules, policies, commercial and competition models are continuously evolving. ”

The research section of Player IQ Hub navigates this landscape and gives the players’ perspective on the most recent patterns and trends, best practices, and policies and regulations relevant to the future sustainability of the professional game.

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Our research offers insight and guidance to:

INFORM: industry and public policymakers, football stakeholders, influencers and media about the needs and fundamental interests of players in the football industry.

CONTRIBUTE: to factual, evidence-based, player-driven accountable analysis and decisions.

ENGAGE: in transparent discussions about the future shape of the professional football industry.

DRIVE: player-centred policy development to protect and safeguard the rights and interests of the professionals at the heart of the game