2.6 Innovation And Competitions

Competitions, Innovation and Growth

Global trends are transforming the world and changing the football industry

Global trends – accelerated by the impact of COVID-19 – are transforming the world and changing the football industry The anticipated reforms for the club and national team competitions will have a further transformative effect on the competition landscape in the next decade. They create opportunity and uncertainty for the future development of the entire industry and fundamentally transform the working environments of players. FIFPRO recognises the need to create innovative competitions and emphasises the need to create quality jobs for players.

What you should know

Sustainable growth

Without adequate competition formats, football markets and competitions cannot reach their potential. In the same way, football players cannot reach their peak without decent working conditions under which to train and perform. Today’s investment in the working lives of players will shape the benefits and growth of the game for the next generation.

Protection Of Domestic Playing Environments

The impact of significant competition reforms on the long-term development of domestic playing markets must be carefully analysed. Domestic competitions and employment markets must be protected. This includes, for example, the access to club competitions based on sporting merit and the protection of exclusive match days at the weekend for domestic leagues. At the same time, high-quality playing opportunities are scarce for players in many markets and greater exposure is critical for them to build sustainable careers.

Innovation & Development Of Competitions

We recognise the need for competition formats to continue evolving as global trends continue to change. However, the innovative commitment and character of the football industry must focus on all market segments and create new and more innovative competition formats for a larger group of players to protect the diversity of the global game. Small and medium football markets must benefit from improvement. Competition design and new playing opportunities ought to support jobs at each level of every market.