2.1 Conditions And Employment

Conditions of Employment

Fair conditions are fundamental for all professional football players.

Football players need to receieve universal and fair treatment, with working conditions that protect their physical and mental wellbeing. These standards are essential for professional football to achieve its full potential and in making sure that the benefits of the football economy are felt by all. To ensure peak performance, working conditions at both domestic and international level, and both on and off the pitch, are a must.

What you need to know

Players are the most important resource in football

The physical and mental wellbeing of players must be considered paramount and reflected in their working conditions. Conditions and interpretations will vary by region, but players must be priority and provide sustainable development.

There is no single model or solution

There is no single way or formula to achieve fair conditions across the world. There’s a fundamental role for FIFPRO to negotiate and work towards global minimum standards at the international level and ensure these are met.

"Professionalism" is more than just a word

It is not enough to have the term “professionalism” interpreted and applied by name only. For major international tournaments there must be standard playing conditions.

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