2.5. Safe World Of Work

Safe Working Environments

Everybody deserves a safe workplace

Football players wellbeing and needs overlooked by an industry that grows more and more demanding, and this takes its toll on the players’ mental and physical wellbeing. Discrimination, based on race, gender or sexual orientation for example, and abuses of power happen in the professional game. Players should know of the existing structures through unions that are there to support.

What you should know

A unique spotlight which can have negative consequences

Professional football players do their job in front of crowds in stadiums and many more on screen. This is a unique position and a high profile, but can also lead to abuse - in the stands and online.

Football is not immune to negative work cultures

While the spotlight on players is something that few will ever experience, the issues they may face in their workplace environment are not unique - discrimination across many fronts can and does happen, and abuses of power within organisations can often have an adverse affect on a player’s career and their own wellbeing.

Human rights are for everyone

All professional footballers are human beings first and foremost – and so are entitled to the same rights as anyone else. These rights should not be jeopardised because of football emotional power, meaning that abusive behaviours and malpractice cannot be justified simply as part of the industry.

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