1. Who We Are

Who We Are

We are the only worldwide representative organisation for professional footballers

As a trade union FIFPRO unites the voice of professional football players and their national unions to ensure they are internationally represented in the decisions affecting their working environments and the industry overall. Our work is driven by the workforce priorities of players and along with our member unions and partners, we work to improve a player’s working environment and overall wellbeing. This covers all aspects of a player’s career from beginning to end, and more – from pay and contracts, to personal development and health and safety, to justice and arbitration, as well as the playing experience within the game itself.

What we do

FIFPRO defends the rights of players and advances their interests.

The world of work in the professional football industry is complex, often fragmented and rapidly evolving. FIFPRO and player unions work across a wide range of policies and areas to influence those issues that constitute the world of work of players.

1.1.1. Our Mission (2)

FIFPRO stands for

Player career & conditions

FIFPRO shapes and influences the provisions currently available to players across the world, as we strive to improve welfare and working conditions throughout the game. Just like any other industry, football is a player’s place of work and their career is their livelihood. They, just like any other worker, have rules and structures in place to protect their pay, their contracts, their working conditions and environment, their health and safety, and their development.

Institutions of work & the game

FIFPRO actively works to ensure players have basic protections upheld across the institutions and governance mechanisms that steward the football industry. Players need, and are entitled to, the same human rights and good governance practices as any other member of society, and the same legal protections as any other employee. This includes for example the right to organise, to bargain collective agreements as well as mechanisms that guarantee players have their interests represented, and disputes resolved.

Sustainable work in the football industry

FIFPRO’s advances the quality of working and playing conditions for footballers. While the football industry has gone through some profound changes over the years, the current acceleration of change is impacting the game and the current generation of players. A sustainable working environment fuels the positive development of both club and national team football and addresses challenges, such as competitions, calendars, management standards, economic sustainability, innovation and diversity and equality.

1.1.1. Our Mission (2)

“FIFPRO is an incredible vehicle as a global voice for players and we will keep increasing our capacities to match the powerful forces – both good and bad – in the game.”

— by Jonas Baer-Hoffmann

What you should know

Representing a global workforce that creates the world’s biggest sport

We work every day on behalf of more than 65,000 players, both men and women, spread across our affiliated national player associations.

The collective interests of players have never been more important.

With more players than ever working abroad in a globalized employment market, FIFPRO’s global network of player associations is ever more relevant to address the opportunities and challenges in a global industry.

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